I create what "I want to create!" My life is all about naive object memories of my childhood
village life and that what I love to work on!


Arvind Patel

I prefer minimal form with space as an object!

annant maheta

Anant Mehta

I design my forms with breaks and moves!



“We are the art trio team of three artists. We enjoy creating together. We work on different concepts and designs but value each others company. In common, We have a nature to observe the world for creation, nature to create something different.

We work in different mediums but love to create in the art trio environment.”

Sharda-ppSharda Patel

Mrs. Sharda Patel, a veteran artist from the field of painting works in the sphere of naïve objects. You can see the village life coming alive in her painting.

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 Arvind patel

National Award winner Shri. Arvind Patel specializes in objects. You can find a mix of reality and artistry in his every work. He has received several awards.

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Anant Mehta

Shri. Ananta Mehta, a highly successful and senior artist of Indian origin, has worked extensively on motion, break and movement in visual arts.

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