Sharda Patel: The Legendary Artist with Great Painting Deeds

Sharda Patel: The Legendary Artist with Great Painting Deeds


Painting is an art form which often requires some inspiration. Different painters take inspiration from different items in the nature but for many of them it is the place they grow up or the people they meet and love or the animals they have seen around. Painting takes people to farfetched places and for some it takes them to the land where they have spent their childhood. It’s the same for Sharda Patel, a painter from Gujarat.


Her Inspiration


Sharda Patel drew her inspiration of painting from the naïve objects in her village and thus you will see the presentation of objects in bright colors. She has made sure each of the objects that she covers gets its life from her brush and thus presents you something that is vibrant and colourful. The intricasies have to be noted because everything lies in it. It may be just a piece of cloth to tie up things that she has made or just some women stitching something on a cloth, but the colors have made the whole thing come to life. The stroke of brush is so magnificent that you will feel like seeing the real object.


Sharda Patel has not tackled something extraordinary in her painting. The regular things are depicted in everything she has drawn. However, if you think deeply, it is those small things which make a village life remarkable. The lady who has spent a major portion of her life in the village has known what makes the spirit of village come alive. Some paintings may look quite unattractive at the first go, but each has a story to tell. You have to get hold of the story and you can travel time in the life of the artist.

Sharda Patel was born in 1951 in Gujrat, India and she was always interested in arts. She joined CN college of Fine Arts in Gujrat and did a diploma in painting from there in 1975. She also did Art Master from Gujrat and Fresco painting course from Rajasthan. This may be the simple reason why you see the glance of Rajasthani culture in her paintings. She has received a lot of awards for her excellence in this form of art.  “Rashtriya Kala Sadhika Samman” was one of the most prominent of them received in 208 from Kalashruti, Indore. She has done a lot of solo and group shows with several other good artists.

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