Anant Mehta, an Artist to Worship

Anant Mehta, an Artist to Worship


Visual art gets a new definition when motion, break and colors are added to it. There are several artists around the world who concentrate on oil paintings but bringing motion to the same is the authority of a selected few. Anant Mehta is one if those artists who has brought motion to the still pictures with his colors. The regular events of the life are depicted in such a way in his pictures that they look remarkable. The general events become special and human figures get a new meaning in his pictures.


Know More about Anant Mehta


Anant Mehta is an artist of class and his class can be gauged through the paintings he has made throughout his life. The painter was born in 1944 in Radhanpur Gujrat and he always had a knack towards painting. M.S University located in Baroda. He has been a very active member of the arts society of Gujrat and participated in many exhibitions. Apart from Gujrat his art got patronage from around the country. He also participated in Fusion Gallery New York and Contemporary Indian Art in Bangkok. The government of Gujrat has been an appreciator of his art.


The Awards and Appreciations of Anant Mehta


The eminent painter has received a lot of appreciation for his art. At the same time he received lots of awards from around the country. The artist has been awarded for a number of times by Gujrat state Lalit Kala Academy. Bombay art society has also awarded him in 1994 and 1971.

Apart from these he was awarded in Mahakoshal, MP. From 1999 to 2008, the artist has organized a lot of solo exhibitions. The locations covered are Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Baroda and New Delhi. He was also a part of several group shows around the country. He has earned a good name in the world of art and has been one of the sorted painters in the country.


While thinking of the achievements of Anant Mehta, it should be mentioned that his paintings are class apart. Not only they are innovative and cover a lot of things, they are quire diverse too. He has some sketches that do not require any color to complete them. There are several people who have bought the oil paintings from the artists at good rate. It is now possible to check out his paintings online from the website that is dedicated to arts.

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