Arvind Patel, an Artist of Class and Appreciation

Arvind Patel, an Artist of Class and Appreciation


Art has no boundary, no caste and no color. It even needs no object to get its personification. This has been proved by Arvind Patel, an eminent artist from Gujarat who has given color to space and several objects that are not that important in our daily lives. Space, a word so wide and so rich, that you can bring out any emotion with the same. Adding object to space can change its meaning and that is what is done by the artists so eminently. The use of colors, the choice of objects remains phenomenal with such an artist taking up the paint brush.


Who Is Arvind Patel?


A simple word to define Arvind Patel would be artist. He is one of those spectacular painters who has proved his caliber in the world of art through his achievements both academically and practically. The artist was born in 1953 in Gujrat, India. He completed his diploma in applied art from CN College of Fine Arts in the year 1975. The collage is located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. He has also done his diploma in painting in the year 1978. He has some senior fellowship to his credit. New Delhi in Visual Art and ministry of culture awarded him the fellowship from 2006 to 2008. He received the same from Lalit Kala Academy in Gujrat, just a year back.


Awards and Appreciations


Arvind Patel has been awarded for his excellence in painting for several times in his career. The most remarkable of them is the national award from Lalit Kala Academy that he received in 2011. He also received graphic award from International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition (Selected Prize), ROC, Taiwan in the year 2006. The Bombay art society has also honored him in 2004 and 2003. The number of awards he received makes it quite prominent that his presence in the world of art in India is understandable.

 About His Paintings

 If you get to see his paintings you will find a perfect amalgamation of colors and pure thinking. The paint brush is used in such a way that it can tell stories. Some subtle colors are used by the painter to bring out his emotions and his feeling about objects. His paintings are quite modern in appeal and are quite appreciated by the mass of people. Some very general objects like knifes, pots and many such things have become the object of prominence and the color of space makes them significant. Do take a look at the paintings available on the website.

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