The Evolution of Oil Painting

The Evolution of Oil Painting


Oil Painting has been a part of Indian culture for a long period of time. If you go through the history, you will find artists who specialized in oil painting. The palaces were decorated with several such paintings. Some belonged to the king and queen and some of the sceneries of the cities.

There are several oil paintings of the god and goddesses which carry a great value. The simple reason of why oil painting was so much adorned was that they amplify the appeal of colors and they tend to last longer than general painting. The importance has not decreased in the current era too and today also artists invest their whole life on such paintings.


History of Oil Painting


While Europe has a lot of evidence of having early oil paintings, there are other countries which used the technique earlier. Afghanistan is one of those countries which have traces of early oil paintings. Panel painting on wood was quite common before the canvas was invented. During the 15th century, the canvas paintings became popular. They were easy to use and easy to paint. Storing was also quite easy. The oil paintings that you see today are all canvas paintings and they are a major part of history today.


The Ingredients Used In Oil Painting


Though we call it oil painting, any type of oil cannot be used to make those paintings. Flax seeds produce linseed oil is a major input. The linen that is a major support of such art form also comes from Flax seeds. In case an artist wants to formulate lighter colors, they use walnut or sunflower oil for the mixture.


Modern technology has found water based oil colors which are easy to clean too. Linen or cotton fabric is used for the canvas of the painting. The canvas is stretched and fixed to the wooden platform tightly in order to create the painting. Though not quite popular, these are some basic things for oil painting.


Pigments of colors are mixed together to form an oil painting. The artist uses his imagination to create creatures, scenes and objects and color them accordingly. The way of mixing paints differ from one artist to another. Some make their own paint while some purchase from the market. This is not a simple task and requires a lot of knowledge. However, the outcome is quite fascinating and thus such paintings have such high value.

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